Information is power! I’m struck by the number of type 2 diabetics, pre-diabetics and insulin resisters who do not test their blood sugar, who do not know their BS. You cannot control what you do not measure. The #1 reason given: It’s a needle! It hurts!

Did you know that testing your blood sugar does not need to hurt? Here’s how.

  1. Prick the SIDE of your finger not the plump fleshy part. There are fewer nerve ending along the side. Only a masochist would tell you to prick the fleshy pad of your finger.
  2. The pin prick needs to break the surface of the skin, no deeper. The lancets are adjustable. Set it to the shallowest depth that releases a drop of blood.
  3. Stay hydrated. It keeps your blood fluid and it’s easier to bleed the drop of blood needed for testing.
  4. Switch fingers. Most of us have 10 digits on our hands. Find the fingers or thumbs that hurt the least.
  5. Wash your hands first. It’s good hygiene, it feels good and the warm water helps the blood flow.
  6. Change the lancet needle regularly. They get dull. Sharp lancets hurt less.
  7. Don’t stress about it. It’s just a pin prick. Make it part of your daily routine, like flossing your teeth and washing your face.

Share with us. What are your tips and tricks for testing your BS?

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