I used to think that Big Macs lowered my blood sugar before I learned about my pancreas panicking when my blood sugar spiked and overcompensating by dumping insulin to process it. I eventually tested every 30 minutes after a Big Mac and witnessed the scariest blood sugar roller-coaster ride of my life.

When someone posts that “(insert carbohydrate food here) doesn’t spike their blood sugar”, I shudder, because they didn’t see the whole blood sugar ride and the damage done.

It is a case of 2 wrongs not making anything right.

The persistent insulin spikes

  • increase stress on our over-worked pancreas
  • increase the insulin resistance of our cells protecting themselves from the excessive insulin.

The blood sugar spikes

  • increase A1c because red blood cells record the blood sugar spikes too
  • the damage of high blood sugar still happens
  • increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, retinopathy and blindness, peripheral neuropathy and amputation and other diabetes-fed diseases persist.

I am thankful every day that I have learned the value of eating real food. I have learned the value of LCHF – Low-carbohydrate, moderated protein and healthy fats too.  A few processed foods leak into my diet occasionally but with my eyes wide open. I just don’t lie to myself anymore. It’s not worth it.

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